25 Aug 2021

Tom’s Decision to Pursue a Career in Digital Marketing

I’m gladder than ever that I deferred my studies to follow my passion for marketing. I was first introduced to marketing while studying the topic as part of an Events Management course at Manchester Metropolitan University. I realised my passion for digital marketing specifically and so decided to kickstart my career within this field. But what bad timing it was!

Immediately after leaving university, the COVID pandemic hit the UK, which left me feeling lost and uncertain about what the future would hold. However, since joining Both Feet Media I’m learning new things about marketing and digital advertising. I’ve found precisely the right path for me. I think it is important to let young people know that university is not the route for everybody, and that’s okay! Following your passion and building your career may bring you much more satisfaction than continuing to study for a degree that’s not right for you.

So why digital marketing?

The world of digital marketing is so broad and complex yet exciting at the same time. As a visual and analytical person, I love to see both sides of the marketing coin; the pretty advertisements and campaigns and the number crunching and data. I’m mathematically minded and grew up in the era of social media and technology, so it naturally feels like the perfect fit. It also combines and overlaps all the things I loved about Events Management, such as campaign and event planning, marketing, technology, and the social aspect too.

There’s no better time than now, either. Jobs in digital marketing were some of the fastest-growing in the UK last year across any sector (according to LinkedIn), which shows a 52% rise in demand for such roles. The digital world is here to stay, so what better place to build a career, make a name for yourself and also be able to express yourself through marketing and branding?

Should I look into a digital marketing career?

The best advice I could give would be – yes! If you have an inkling, trust your gut. Digital marketing is a very versatile industry by nature, meaning that you may discover your marketing niche without even realising it existed.  Building a foundation in marketing is all you need to pivot and specialise in your true passion, but you won’t find it unless you jump in with both feet.

There is so much scope to be creative, take your direction and learn new things every day, all from your own home. The industry is constantly evolving, which helps to keep your mind fresh while bringing a constant flow of inspiration. Plus, the synergy between demonstrating your own unique style or interpretation and working alongside other creatives who feel the same way is rewarding.

There’s no better time than today to look into your future career in digital marketing, with so many routes to take.

For myself, I took an online pre-apprenticeship course in Digital Technologies, which led me to my current position as Trainee Digital Marketing Coordinator. After realising your passion, the most crucial step is to actively learn and familiarise yourself with the different elements that fall into digital marketing; there are so many free courses online.   Being proactive with your own development will help get your foot in the door with an employer, resulting in personal and professional growth.

So, what are you waiting for?