08 Mar 2021

Why Digital Marketing?

Today’s digital transformation forces companies to change their approach to adapt to the new “always-connected” market demand. The consumer’s behaviour has dramatically changed over recent years and exponentially since the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak.


According to a recently published report by Statista, there are now 4.66 billion active internet users worldwide, which equates to nearly 60% of the global population.


What does Digital Marketing cover? 


Digital marketing covers more than simply setting up a social media presence or launching a website; it means strategically positioning your business online to reach your target audience, with the right message, at the right time and using the best method.


Digital marketing includes the process of identifying your audience,   formulating an effective marketing strategy, communicating with your customers in real-time, and satisfying your customer to the point of retaining them and receiving referrals from them too.



How does Digital Marketing use Customer Data?


A considerable benefit to digital marketing is the ability to analyse consumer behaviour data. For any retailer or business, being mindful of anything that influences the buyer’s intentions remains essential. And as the behaviour of consumers on the internet can be recorded – which isn’t possible in ‘brick and mortar retail – digital marketing presents the ability to track and analyse customer behaviour through first-party-cookies, which in turn can help to shape the most effective marketing strategies. First party cookies are not intrusive to the user and cause no harm: they provide a better experience to the user. Utilising first-party cookies enables a business to offer a better experience tailored to the website visitor.


First party cookies are not to be confused with third-party cookies, which – until now – have allowed third-party businesses to retarget people based on the user’s website behaviour elsewhere online. At the end of 2021, Chrome and Safari will be removing this ability, and the third party cookie will be abolished, which is good news for today’s consumer, who is better informed about digital privacy and the use of their personal data.




A key focus of digital marketing is still connecting with your audience in the right place and at the right time. As today’s consumer demands continuous innovations from the businesses they interact with, it is vital to deliver an unmatched digital customer experience that competes in the current era of innovation.   Fortunately, there are many tools, platforms, techniques, and resources quickly and affordably available to businesses. However, it can be difficult for any business to know where to start with it all, and this is where we can help!


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Founder at Both Feet Media